7/12: What I’m Reading Now

12th July, 2013

He who controls the spice, controls the universe! Dune! Well, more specifically, Chapterhouse: Dune. What is Chapterhouse you ask? Well, first, Dune is the impossibly popular Sci-Fi novel written by Frank Hurbert back in 1965. Read More...

Happy July 4th!

4th July, 2013
Happy July 4th!

Happy Birthday 'murica and a happy fourth to all of you! I hope everyone managed to string this Thursday holiday into an extra long weekend wherever makes them happiest. Read More...

6/26: What I’m Reading Now

26th June, 2013
Aztec Book Cover

Or rather, what I've just recently finished reading. For the first entry on what I am, or in this case was, reading –or falling asleep to, then angrily flipping through in an attempt to find my spot without ruining the next chapter– I bring you Aztec, by Gary Jennings. Read More...

The New Site

21st June, 2013

So, I've been working on this new site for quite some time. Oddly enough. the actual design and development has been done for some time (or at least mostly done). Read More...

Disappointments begin…

13th March, 2013

...I say with the no small degree of earnestness. Read More...