Photo Blog: Hong Kong & Thailand

21st April, 2015

Now, for the post at hand! Like my last entry, and unlike my method of photography which can only be described as frustratingly thorough, this post will be relatively short... Read More...

Honeymoon Photo Blog

21st January, 2014

So this post is part personal celebration, part friends and family photo sharing and part excessive photo-taking justification – seriously, I took an annoying 900-1000+ photos on this 14 day vacation. Read More...

A Return from Hibernation

20th January, 2014

Well, sort of. The title shouldn't fool the nearly three whole people who may chance upon this site and think there is a regular blog thing happening... Read More...

Belatedly: Appreciating Breaking Bad

11th November, 2013

Nearly a month and a half on from the series finale –and significantly longer still from my last post – I've finally gotten around to writing about the best show... Read More...

A Review: The World’s End

26th August, 2013

In a weekend of non-Disney women wearing clam-shells as tops or former Disney women embarrassing themselves with some onstage 'twerking', it would be excusable to think this soon-to-be-dated post titled 'The World's End'... Read More...

Video: Philly Is Ugly

20th August, 2013

The countrywide Urban Renewal process has been shaking up former centers of urban decay for so long that I sometimes forget that the cities have not similarly shaken off the rusty, antagonistic feelings deep-seated in local, regional or national perceptions. Read More...

A Review: The Wolverine

16th August, 2013

Talking about more than books and my own birthday is definitely something I should do, but venturing too far from my own self-interests just isn't in my nature... so I'll review my favorite childhood hero's new movie, Wolverine. Read More...

Happy Birthday July’s

31st July, 2013

Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to all you July babies (I happen to be one of them). Here is a cupcake for you to celebrate with, hopefully you’ll be understanding if the age is off… I made it, after all, to celebrate my wife and I’s 29th! Read More...